Hi There!

Thank you for visiting my website and thank you for showing interest in my work as a photographer. My name is Ilsoo van Dijk and in this section I shall tell you a bit more about myself and the journey I’ve been on to get to where I am now. 

Photography always had my interest, but things really started to roll when I begun as a nightlife photographer in the Amsterdam club scene. At the time, photography in the club scene was not that self-evident as it is now and certainly not the “spontaneous” style of photography.

Over the years, I had developed my own signature and this was reflected after the opening of the Chicago Social Club (and the Rewind parties), where I did the photography. During this time and with the arrival of Social Media, the photos of Super Social and Rewind became a hit. It became a major item for people to hit these venues to get a fresh “not posed” profile picture.

Because of working in nightlife, my interest started to grow in organizing parties. Together with the elements fashion and photography I started the concept Fat Kids Cake with two close friends in 2013. Fat Kids Cake was an online platform with a lot of different facets, like video and photo shoots, concept en campaign development for brands and hosting and organizing (dance) events.

We have had many great experiences (together with a great bunch of people). We have been able to give parties abroad, travelled around the world to create content, working with the coolest brands and have received thousands of attendees at our events.

In this period I’ve always continued taking photos. But I started focusing on other types of photography. Working directly for brands and businesses. Focussing on event photography, portraits and fashion.

My pictures have never lost their spontaneous element. I get a lot of energy from my work. The interaction with people, the locations, looking for the right moment to snap a picture. There are so many things that I enjoy while photographing. There is not one specific thing but everything in this profession that makes it so rewarding.

I have been allowed to work for various organizations that I am very proud of. I will also be working on my own projects in the coming period, which I have wanted to do for a long time. You can find more about these projects in the Journal section.

Curious? or do you just want to start a conversation? Please drop me an email at hello@ilsoovandijk.com
and I will be happy to go over all of your plans and questions. Thanks again for visiting!


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